Australian Learner Driver Test iPhone App – A Review

A teenager’s dream of getting their Learner Licence is also every parent’s nightmare.  There are driving hours to be logged and heart attacks to endure in the passenger seat.  But first, there’s a test to pass.

So how do you get your teenager to study the rules of the road when they are busy juggling school, part time jobs and social lives?  I came across the Australian Learners Driving Test iPhone App and forked out $3.99 to check it out.

Firstly, although the app name says “Australian” it appears to be based on the NSW Road User’s Handbook. It must also be noted that the RTA does not endorse this app.  Those wishing to get their Learner’s Drivers licence in NSW must still read the Road User’s Handbook and take the Drivers Knowledge Test (DKT) in person at their local RTA.  (Bookings can be made online.

What the Australian Learners Driving Test iPhone App does do, however, is allow pre-Learners to practice answering questions in a test-like environment anywhere they go.  Kids can conveniently practice while waiting at the bus-stop, watching TV or during lunch breaks at school and work. (provided they have an iPhone or iTouch of course).

Responding to a need for the 'i-gen' driver to learn road rules interactively

The Australian Learners Driving Test app has tests ranging from 5-100 questions depending on how much time you have and selects questions randomly so no two tests are the same.  Questions are set in a multiple choice format with three possible answers.  Errors and the correct result are displayed before moving on to the next question.  At the end of the test your result is displayed and questions from that test are listed highlighting which ones were answered correctly and incorrectly.  The layout is basic, clean and easy to understand.

Reviews for the app are not all favourable with claims of grammatical errors, wrong  answers  and bugs in the previous version.  I didn’t encounter any bugs with the current version and although I did find the phrasing of some questions a little odd, overall I thought the app would be helpful for a digital generation to use in conjunction with the Road User’s Handbook.

The actual idea for the app is a good one but I have a problem with the developer’s very misleading claim that the app offers “No Chance of Failing- Guaranteed!”

Personally, I would rather see the Road Transport Authority develop a similar app that guarantees all questions and answers will be up to date and correct and make it available to download FREE of charge.