Not a Parking Spot – iPhone App review

Picture yourself driving around for what seems like hours at the local shopping centre car Christmas 38 degree heat. You finally see a glimpse of what looks like a parking spot.  Your heart skips a beat and you almost run over shoppers in your rush to get there, only to discover some idiot next to it has parked halfway into the spot rendering it useless  for anything except maybe a discarded shopping trolley.

Now there is an iPhone App that can turn your frown upside down in this situation.  Don’t take your anger out on the kids, simply grab your iPhone, take a pic of the imbecilic parking effort and upload to Not a Parking Spot for the world to see. Mwahahahaha!

Maybe you aren’t as vindictive as I am, but still like to have a laugh at another’s expense.  Then the Not a Parking Spot gallery is for you with funny pictures and accompanying comments of dreadful and down-right incredible parking attempts (or non-attempts).

Not a Parking Spot iPhone App

Not a Parking Spot iPhone App can help alleviate road rage and possibly bring about world peace!

Created by Shiftedfrequency, this app is available to download free from the App Store, takes up 0.9MB and provides a cheap giggle and the sweetness of revenge. 

You can also visit the site  and use the #notaparkingspot hashtag when posting dreadful parking pics on Twitter. It’s a revolution!!

Note: You may want to remove the rego number just in case – yes, I’ve gone soft…


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