The “Other” Fabulous Tander

Like a lot of Australians today,  I spent a good part of my day in front of the TV watching V8 Supercars race in the legendary Bathurst 1000.  The Channel 7 coverage was second to none with views from every possible vantage point even from the feet of the drivers.

It was great to see Holden take out 9 out of the 10 top spots in what was a great day of racing with an unpredictable mix of weather thrown in to challenge the drivers.

The highlight of the day to me though, was Leanne Tander and Team McGrath debuting together in their first Bathurst 1000 racing against V8 superstars including Leanne’s husband Garth Tander who, with Will Davison, went on to win first place.

The McGrath Foundation has done amazing work raising awareness for breast cancer and raising money for research and prevention.  It was refreshing to see  Leanne with her team in their funky pink and black racing gear in what is considered a very male dominated event.

“Over 40 percent of all V8 Supercar fans are female and I can see the number of females interested in the sport growing through the ranks, both behind the scenes and on the track,” said Leanne in a recent news publication.

“I am so pleased to be spreading a message of health and wellness to all these women,” she concluded.

I look forward to seeing more of Leanne Tander and team McGrath in December at the Homebush Bigpond 500.

Find out more about Leanne Tander at and the McGrath Foundation at



  1. I had no idea how many female fans there were, that’s amazing!

    Not being a huge racing fan myself, I was just pleased Holden won because I didn’t want to mop up the tears from my Holden-loving-rev-head-5yo (who cries when Ford wins anything).

    • Ahhh…female race fans! I’m quite new to all things auto myself. My client is Pureste sterilised tampons…one of the main sponsors of Leanne’s Team McGrath car. It has been a whirlwind few weeks, and we were so happy to see Leanne place in the top 20! Thank you for commenting on the McGrath Foundation partnership. We’ll certainly start to follow girlztorque…sounds like you could teach me a thing or two about cars! Ps. My boyfriend is a rev-head, so I know what you mean Rebecca! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments Bec and Dena 🙂

    I too was surprised at the amount of female fans but you only have to look to the city streets to see that women also love fast cars.

    Dena, its good to see Pureste on board with Team McGrath – TSS hasn’t received as much awareness as it used to say 20 years ago (when I was in school) so it’s good to see sterilised tampons on the shelves.

    Bec, I can sympathise with your son , luckily there were only tears of joy on Sunday 🙂

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